Policy priorities

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Over the coming months we will be developing our plans in the following areas, with input from members. As we do, we will populate this site with further information. In the meantime if you would like to know more, please contact John Bassett, Director of Policy and Scientific Development.


IFST promotes the application of science and technology to the challenges of developing sustainable food systems.

IFST recognises the need for science and applied technologies to help develop sustainable food systems, food systems that deliver appropriate and sufficient nutrition to meet the needs of a growing global population, while balancing the environmental, social and economic needs of societies.

There is a clear role for an independent voice on the positive application of science to meet these challenges and to facilitate further collaborations in this area. IFST is well placed to speak out on the value and application of science.

In addition, IFST can encourage others to unite around well-chosen initiatives, to support the development of sustainable food systems.


IFST promotes a focus on food science and technology in secondary education.

The integration of food and food science into national curricula, or even teaching plans, is variable across the UK. The importance of the food and drink industry to the UK economy and of food education to public health outcomes, has led IFST to focus on education as one of its priority policy topics.

In addition to leading specific activities supporting the new GCSE in Food Preparation and Nutrition (years 10,11) in the English Design and Technology syllabus and developing/signposting materials for teachers, IFST is committed to a longer term focus to get food built into all national curricula and used throughout the curriculum as examples to support science education.

The aim is to ensure that children leave school knowledgeable about food, the food industry and nutrition but also aware of the vast array of career opportunities involving food and food science. Ultimately food should be seen as a national priority across the UK.


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