Professional ethics

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Code of Professional Conduct

IFST has among its objectives the advancement and application of food science and technology and the upholding of professional standards of competence and integrity in the public interest. The Code of Professional Conduct is binding on all members and must be subscribed to by all applicants as a condition of membership. The Institute requires each member:

  • To promote the aims of the Institute
  • To conduct himself or herself as to reflect credit upon the profession
  • To use all proper means to maintain the standards of the profession and to extend its usefulness and sphere of influence
  • To respect any confidence gained in his or her professional capacity
  • When acting or making statements or recommendations in a professional capacity to do so objectively and fairly
  • To take legitimate steps through proper channels to ensure (or assist in ensuring) the wholesomeness of any food with which he or she is concerned
  • To avoid unwarranted statements that reflect upon the character or integrity of other members of the profession
  • To recognise his or her responsibility for the professional guidance of subordinates under his or her immediate control
  • To recognise his or her responsibility towards the environment
  • To recognise his or her responsibility towards students
  • To recognise his or her responsibility to maintain and enhance professional competence by continuing updating and improving his or her knowledge and proficiency in its application
  • To support fellow members who may find themselves in difficulties on account of their adherence to this Code and the Institute in its efforts to protect them.

Download Disciplinary Procedures

At it's meeting in January 2017 the Board of Trustees agreed to revise and update the Code of Professional Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures, which are (subject to approval of amendments to the Articles at the AGM) due to come into force on 14 March 2017.