Event highlights

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IFST holds a number of events, the proceedings of which are freely available to the public.  See below for reports, presentations and podcasts:

IFST Spring Conference

Food sustainability: Waste not, Want not (2016)

Food safety in the court of public opinion (2015)

Securing the future supply of food: Challenges and opportunities (2013)

Nutrition for Olympians, Nutrition for all (2012)

Allergens - How to keep control in food production (2011)


IFST Jubilee lecture - Constant values in a changing world (2014)

Jubilee conference - The fantastic future of food - celebrating the past looking to the future (2014)

House of Lords reception

Technical Meetings

Avenues and alleyways for consultants post-Brexit (2016)

Food Law: Food Crime and Better Regulation (2016) - NEW!

Food safety breakfast meeting - The British Retail Consortium Global Standard for Food Safety Version 7 How was it for you? (2016)

BRC v7 and the challenges of recruiting auditors in the food industry (2015)

Sustainability and Supply Chain Management in the Food and Drink Sector (2015)

Threats and Temptations: TACCP Principals in managing food safety (2014)

Food Safety Breakfast Meeting - Foodbourne Viruses and challenges (2016) (Access for Members Only)

IFST Food Auditing Conference, organised by the Western Branch

Hygienic Design in Food Processing Environments (2016)

Horse Trading: Auditing the food chain (2013)

Risk management and the role of the auditor (2012)

The changing face of auditing (2011)

IFST Sensory Science Group Conference

Implicit Discussion Session (2017)

Global, Ethical & Safe: Challenges & Solutions for Modern Sensory & Consumer Science (2016)

A slice of sensory (2015)

Putting sensory in context (2014)

Fast Forward (2013)

A sense of change (2012)

Back to the Future - Looking at the future of sensory and consumer science (2011)

Other conferences and events

Volunteers' Assembly - President's Welcome Speech (2017) - NEW

Goodbye PARNUTS hello FSG (2017) - NEW

Ask a Scientist - Food Matters Live (2016)

The Next Big Things in Food Science and Nutrition (2016)

IFST 2016 Lecture 'Science for the EU and EU for Science’

The Big Fat Debate (2016) 

‘Too much information? Strategies to discover and manage food science information’ webinar (2016)

Hygienic Design in Food Processing Environments (2016)

Fresh Thinking - Food Packaging for the 21st century, organised by the Western Branch (2013)

IFST Lecture 2012: Food for a fitter future - consumer choice or industry responsibility?

IFST's Education Forum: ‘Education challenges for the UK food industry' (2015)

Trends and Developments in the Global Food Packaging Industry (2015)