Meet our members

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IFST members come from a range of backgrounds and expertise spread across all aspects of food science and technology.

Being an IFST member means different things to different people - find out all the different reasons why our members joined IFST / what being an IFST member means to them.

Student members

Andri Neocleous

IFST Student Member, Andri Neocleous from University of Leeds, tells us why she joined IFST.

James Huscroft

James Huscroft, Chair of IFST Student Group, tells us more about the student member-led community within IFST. 

Holly Cuthill

Holly Cuthill, a student at the University of Nottingham gives 5 reasons why students should join IFST.

Members and Fellows

Clare Menezes

IFST Fellow, Clare Menezes, is a Quality Development Director, Europe, Middle East and Africa at McCormick Ltd. She tells us why she thinks food professionals should join our Food Safety Register.

Simon Allison

Simon Allison is a Head of Technical at Pret A Manger. He tells us why he joined IFST Group Scheme and how the scheme benefited his organisation.

Craig Duckham

Craig Duckham, an independent consultant, shares his views about why he joined IFST and why you should do the same!

Muhammad Asif

Muhammad Asif is a Technical Services Manager at Kolak Snack Food Ltd. Find out why he joined IFST, has become a Registered Scientist and about his current role.

Ian Blakemore

IFST Fellow Ian Blakemore is currently the Bids Manager at FERA.   Find out why Ian joined IFST and his advise to those of you who are starting out in your career.

Andrew Kerridge

IFST Fellow Andrew Kerridge has recently started his own business.   Find out why Andrew decided to join IFST, his advice to graduates and his concerns about the food industry/future of food supplies and the role IFST play in this?

Daniel Amund

IFST member, Daniel Amund, is IFST’s 2012-13 POST Fellow. Here he talks about his experience, what he’s learnt, how it’s helped with his studies and why others should apply for POST Fellowship.

Clare Wood

IFST Fellow member Clare Wood currently runs her own consultancy firm.  Find out why she decided to join IFST, her biggest achievement and why members should join IFST’s Food Law Group.

Helen Munday

IFST Fellow member Helen Munday is currently Chief Scientific Officer at the Food and Drink Federation. Find out why she decided to join IFST, receiving an Edison Award for Innovation and how food science and technology plays a critical role in ensuring the food we eat is reliably safe and nutritious.

Jane-Marie Hawronskyj

IFST member Jane-Marie Hawronskyj who runs a consultancy business tells us how she keep to up to date with food science and technology and what her biggest professional achievement is.

Jean A. McEwan

IFST Member, Dr Jean McEwan, is a Sensory & Consumer Science and Statistics Consultant. Here she tells us how she keeps up to date with food science and technology knowledge and how the role of sensory science has increased within the Industry.

Joanne Hort

IFST member Joanne Hort is a Fellow of IFST.  Joanne is SABMiller Professor of Sensory Science at the University of Nottingham. Find out her biggest professional achievement, her previous role as Chair of IFST’s Professional Food Sensory Group, and her involvement with the European Sensory Science Society (E3S).

Julie Ashmore

IFST Member, Julie Ashmore, Walmart Canada.  Here she tell us how she keeps up to date with current food science and technology knowledge, and why she got involved in a number of IFST committees.

Karen Czarnota

IFST Member, Mrs Karen Czarnota, tells us why she joined IFST and in particular the Consultancy group, why she chose a career in consultancy and her biggest professional achievement.

Lauren Rogers

Find out why IFST member Lauren Rogers got involved with IFST’s Food Sensory Group, her biggest achievement and how she keeps up to date with food science and technology news.

Lindsey Bagley

IFST Fellow Lindsey Bagley tells us why she decided to join IFST, what made her go into consultancy, her biggest achievement and her most memorable media enquiry.

Luke Murphy

IFST Member Luke Murphy, who works as a Regulatory Manager at Leatherhead Food Research, tell us what he enjoys about being a member of the Membership Assessment Panel and why other members should join the Food Law Steering Group.

Mark Tallon

IFST Member Mark Tallon, who is the Managing Director of a food law consultancy, tells us why members should join the IFST Food Law Group, and what his biggest professional achievement is.

Michael Walker

IFST Member Michael Walker, a public analyst, tells us why he joined IFST, how he got to where he is today, and what advice he would give to those starting out in their careers.

Simon Dawson

Recently elected as a Member of IFST, Simon Dawson tells us how he learnt about IFST, his biggest professional achievement to date and how he keeps up to date with food science and technology news.

Steve Osborn

IFST Member Steve Osborn use to be the Business Development Manager at Leatherhead Food Research. Find out why he decided to join IFST and its Consultancy Steering Group and how he keeps up to date with Food Science and Technology.

Theresa Huxley

IFST Member Theresa Huxley is responsible for the management of quality, legality and safety of Sainsbury's own brand products, and leads the Sainsbury’s Orchard and Plantation Crop Sustainability Group. Find out why Theresa decided to join IFST, her biggest professional achievement and featuring on the front page of the Financial Mail on Sunday.

Victoria Collett

IFST Fellow and Chartered Scientist (CSci) Victoria Collett is a Quality Manager at Walkers (PepsiCo.) Find out why she decided to join IFST, her involvement with Student LaunchPads and advice to those of you starting out in your careers.