Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the governing and policy making body (legally also the Board of Directors) of the company and consists of a President, President Elect or Immediate Past President, Vice President, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, and the Chairs of the 5 Standing Committees and Forums. An Independent Assessor, responsible for assessing the effectiveness with which the Board discharges its duties, attends Board meetings but is not a Trustee.

Education & Careers Forum

The Education and Careers Forum oversees the Institute's activities and policies relating to education, careers and skills at all levels.

Chair: Richard Frazier

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee advises the Board on financial matters. It is chaired by the Honorary Treasurer.

Chair: Ian Blakemore

Committee Members: Michael King, Richard Burt, Andrew Wilbey, Alex Kent

Professional Development Forum

The Professional Development Forum oversees all of the Institute's intiatives, assessment and accreditation relating to professional standards and levels of membership, continuing professional development activities, member assessment, and examinations.

Chair: Jane-Marie Hawronskyj 


The Publications Committee oversees the Institute's publications including the International Journal of Food Science and Technology and Food Science and Technology.

Chair: Margaret Patterson

Vice Chair: Craig Leadley

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee is the Institute's key source of information concerning scientific, technical and legislative affairs. They produce material on scientific and technical issues on behalf of IFST, advise the Board on emerging scientific and technical issues, and ensure that IFST are producing reliable, authoritative information on food science topics.

Chair: Julian Cooper

Committee Members: Julie Ashmore, Ivan Bartolo, Ralph (Jack) Blanchfield, Chris Gilbert-Wood, Mike Gilligan, Hazel Gowland, Kathy Groves, Sarah Howarth, Andrew Hudson, Louise Manning, Christine Morrison, Robert Murdock, Stuart Musgrove, John Points, Henrietta Sameke, Matthew Sharman, Michael Walker, Peter Wareing, Alisdair Wotherspoon