Regional Branches

Our regional structure provides additional opportunities for networking with other IFST members in your own region of the UK:

  • Eastern Branch
  • Midlands Branch
  • Northern Ireland Branch
  • Scotland Branch
  • South East Branch
  • Western Branch
  • North of England Branch

Our branches organise various activities including conferences, scientific and technical meetings and factory visits. A number of them also run student competitions and award travel bursaries throughout the year. In addition, they run student roadshows and provide speakers on food science and technology topics.

Our members receive regular communications highlighting forthcoming events and useful information from their region.

All our regions are run by members on a voluntary basis. If you would like to get involved with any of our regional groups, you can find their contact details on individual pages.

All members are automatically registered to the region that covers their correspondence address upon joining the Institute. If you work in a different region and would like to be assigned to that one instead, please contact us.