Ongoing registration

Everyone in the Register of Professional Food Auditors and Mentors has to go through annual renewal which includes assessing continued competence in assessing, developming in profession including expanding to the new fields of operation. IFST assessor do this by requiring CPD-report, audit log and details of expanding the scope (if applicable).


Registered Auditors and Mentors are required to participate in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities. This includes a minimum requirement of 35 hours of appropriate CPD activities per annum using a balanced portfolio of activities.

CPD can be acquired through activities in the work-place environment, through professional activities, by formal education/training, by self-directed learning and by other methods.  

A balanced portfolio of CPD activities should include a selection of activities in at least 3 of the following categories:

  • Work-based learning
  • Professional activity
  • Formal / Educational
  • Self-directed learning
  • Other


Please note that to gain access to myCPD you will need to have initially registered for this service. If you have not previously registered, please request access by emailing


  • Links to your IFST member record
  • Simple & structured framework to record all activities
  • Accessible on the move – iPhone, iPad, Android etc
  • Allows online validation by assessors
  • Generates easy to use reports
  • Tracks progress
  • Triggers reminders
  • Safe and secure storage of CPD records

For help with logging in to myCPD, understanding your dashboard and recording your development you can check out our handy online guide.

Audit log

In addition, Registered Auditors must demonstrate continued competency in auditing practice by submitting a log detailing a minimum of 4 recent audits.

Extension to Scope

IFST Registered Auditors and Mentors can apply for an extension to the scope of their registered fields of operation when they have evidence of sufficient experience to prove competence in the new field(s).

Application to extend scope can be done at the time of the annual re-registration, in which case the annual re-registration fee will apply, or at any time in the year, in which case an additional extension to scope fee will apply.

Applicants should complete the IFST Register of Professional Auditors and Mentors Extension to Scope Form and provide detailed evidence of experience in support of the application.

Extension to scope is free of charge during the annual revalidation time and a fee is in place when an application is submitted outside of the annual renewal period. To apply for the new scopes please return the form below together with rest of the paperwork. For more information, please contact the membership team via