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Members and Fellows must meet certain standards of achievement based on a combination of academic qualifications and knowledge gained through relevant experience. Fellows must also be able to demonstrate a high level of achievement and exceptional professionalism in relation to food (Regulations 2017).

Why is being a Member or Fellow important?

Being a Member or Fellow of IFST can provide you with independent and external recognition for your qualifications and achievements. It can also provide valuable ways for you to focus on maintaining and enhancing your technical and professional skills and knowledge.  IFST can support this intent by providing you with a professional development roadmap linking IFST membership and professional registration with staged recognition leading to IFST Fellowship. This can also build on your employer's current professional development management systems and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) recording processes.

Why become a Member or Fellow?

Read why our Members and Fellows joined IFST:

Graham Collier, Fellow, says: Recognition of my food mentoring skills by a professional body with the added advantage of joining a network of experts with whom to share and exchange ideas. 

Simon Dawson, Member, says: My Technical Director at the time recommended the website to me to assist in obtaining some legislative information on European meat regulations. IFST is a recognised Food Science and Technological organisation in which to become a member is a great achievement within the food industry. This is something I am very proud of achieving. 

Tom Hollands, Member, says:  I joined IFST so I could meet like-minded professionals who share the same passion and interest in Food technology as I. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience that members are eager to share and it’s fantastic to be in a thriving and growing organisation. 

Teresa Huxley, Fellow, says: I joined IFST because of the opportunity it offers to network professionally with a membership which represents all parts of the Food Industry. I also felt that the IFST activity with respect to recruiting the next generation of food scientists and technologists aligns well with my personal interest in horticulture.

Mark Tallon, Fellow, says: I wanted to join an organisation that represented the food science industry, but was independent, and not restricted in its roles to provide guidance to its members. There are a lot of industry organisations but most are in the pocket and/or grip of the food industry due to sponsorship. As a charity with strong ethics the IFST stands out as a trusted organisation for unbiased and factual information for its members. Its ability to support chartered scientist status is a testament to such a role.

Clare Wood, Fellow, says: I joined IFST when I founded my consultancy firm Technical Expectations. The main reason for joining was because I wanted to be part of a Food Professional Institute which would allow me to have access to unbiased and factual food and technical information and updates. I was also keen to use the Consultancy Register to advertise my business, and to benefit from reduced professional indemnity insurance rates that are offered to members through associated Insurers.

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