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The Consultancy Group aims to support members who are consultants in the food industry. They have an online listing as well as forum where they are able to engage and share knowledge with fellow members. The Group is involved in a wide range of activities which also include hosting events.


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Members: Craig Duckham, Andy Kerridge, Carol Raithatha


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Reports from past events
15 May 2018

EU vs non-EU Food Regulation: Mind the Gap (read the review published in the Food Science & Technology magazine)

5 October 2017


Present yourself and present your business

4 October 2016

Avenues and alleyways for consultants post-Brexit


Consultant Directory

Our Consultant Directory is made up of IFST Fellows and Members who are prepared to act as consultants or provide other technical services. It is provided as a service to those seeking paid technical advice or consultancy services. All consultants have agreed to comply with the Institute's Code of Professional Conduct.

The list has been cited by the Department of Health as a source of appropriately-qualified experts in food safety assessment. It is also recommended by the Chartered Institution of Environmental Health to its members, for example, in cases where, under the Food Safety Act, an EHO requires specialist or expert support in an assessment or inspection. IFST Fellowship and Membership are recognised qualifications for Food Examiners (subject to appropriate experience) under the Food Safety (Sampling and Qualifications) Regulations 1990.

The information shown against the name of each member listed has been supplied for this purpose by that member. It is emphasised that where members undertake work resulting from the appearance of their names on this list, they do so entirely in their individual capacities, negotiating their own terms and fees, and in no sense represent IFST. We cannot accept any responsibility or liability.

Please note that consultants do not provide free advice or information to the media, students or other inquirers. Payment will be required for any advice or information sought.

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Consultancy forum

We have a consultancy forum for members where they are able to share knowledge and consultancy work amongst each other.


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