Register of Professional Sensory Scientists

IFST's Sensory Science Group's accreditation scheme for those working in sensory science was launched in 2004 with the provision of the Foundation and Intermediate syllabi and these have become acknowledged professional qualifications that signify the status of individuals in sensory science. The addition in 2014 of the Register of Professional Sensory Scientists (RSensSci) as a third higher tier into the scheme provides a level of professional recognition previously unavailable in the sensory science field.

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What is a Registered Sensory Scientist?

Registered Sensory Scientist (RSensSci) status is aimed at those practising sensory science at the full professional level and for whom knowledge or practice of food sensory science at that level forms an essential element in the fulfilment of their role.

RSensSci provides valuable professional recognition among fellow sensory scientists and across all disciplines and the wider community. It demonstrates high levels of experience and competence to employers, other professionals, and, ultimately, providing reassurance to the consumer that high standards are being met within the industry. The standard of the new qualification is aligned with Chartered Scientist and for that reason only Members and Fellows can qualify.

Applicants for RSensSci are required to demonstrate professional skills and attributes in five key areas and to demonstrate a commitment to Continuing Professional Development (CPD). At least 4 years' of post-graduation level experience in sensory is required. Given the diverse nature of sensory scientific practice, many qualification / work combinations will potentially be acceptable.

Why become a Registered Sensory Scientist?

Six reasons why becoming a Registered Scientist could be beneficial to yourself and your organisation:

  • The Register of Professional Sensory Scientists provides the only qualification of its kind in the world for food sensory scientists
  • Becoming a Registered Sensory Scientist provides independent recognition that you have achieved a high standard of professional practice and knowledge in food sensory science
  • You will be joining a network of world class sensory scientists
  • You will be entitled to use the designatory letters RSensSci
  • You will have free access to personal and career development through IFST’s myCPD online system
  • Holders are automatically enrolled as a Chartered Scientist

Successful recognition as a Registered Sensory Scientist automatically entitles you to IFST Membership (MIFST) and a Chartered Scientist (CSci) status. 

Top photo credit: Campden BRI