Although we are one whole food science community, we have specialised communities within our organisation to make it easier for our members to network based on shared interests, proximity or career stage.

Subject Interest Areas and Groups

Our Subject Interest Areas bring together all the latest information and events on important topics within food science to a single one-stop-shop. Some of our areas have evolved into technical networks, allowing those with a shared interest to exchange knowledge and information, network, and attend or plan events. IFST members can register their interest in a Subject Interest Area.  


IFST has seven regional branches across the UK, as well as hubs, for areas with a high volume of IFST members. Regions bring together members in close proximity to plan or attend events such as factory visits or conferences, run competitions and hold meetings. If you're an IFST member and want to have a greater role in a region, you can join a Committee.


We've compiled all of the resources necessary to support the future generation of food scientists including interview and career advice, competitions, bursaries, events, networking opportunities and more.

New professionals

Those who are just starting off in their career need extra support - this community is for those in the first five years of their career.  We offer career information, access to our jobs site, mentoring and more.


Our volunteers are the core of the Institute - we wouldn't be able to run without their help. Find out how you can get involved with IFST.


IFST is governed by different Standing Committees run by volunteers. Find out about the different Committees and how you can get more involved.