IFST Student Group

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The Student Group meets around 4 times a year at the IFST offices in London (all expenses paid). 

Meet the IFST Student Group Members


James Huscroft University of Nottingham
SECRETARY Robert Murdock University of Nottingham
Undergraduate Representative Daniel Clarke University of Leeds
Postgraduate Representative    
Sensory Science Representative

Martha Skinner

Chris King

University of Nottingham

University College Birmingham

Young Ambassador Representative    
Communications Co-ordinator(s)

Robin Leaper

Holly Cuthill

University of Nottingham

University of Birmingham

Newsletter/article Co-ordinator    
Events Co-ordinator Kiu Sum University of Westminster
Other Committee members  

Anna Monaghan

Josh Williams

Ben King


Queens University Belfast

Sheffield Hallam University

University College Birmingham


James Huscroft - Chair - Student Group James Huscroft, Chair joined the Student Group to bridge the gap between academia and industry from a student's perspective. Having put theory into practice during his industrial placement year, James was keen to stay involved and contribute to the future of the food sector in whatever way possible.  IFST identified a need for someone who is willing and able to pro-actively contribute to developing and expanding its profile within the food industry. Having lived overseas and learned to adapt to his surroundings, James feels that his communication skills will enable him to help communicate issues between IFST, companies and within the student community.  As part of our continuing professional development, it's important to network with experienced professionals who can pass on their expertise to newly qualified graduates. James already has a solid base of senior food professionals as contacts within the industry and aims to encourage others to expand their own networks via networking or other specific events.
Daniel Clarke - Undergraduate IFST Student Representative

Daniel Clarke, Undergraduate Representative became an IFST Young Ambassador by entering an IFST competition before joining the Student Committee. He joined the student committee so that he could try to link his university (University of Leeds) and others with IFST more effectively. More specifically Daniel  also wanted to be able to do this for undergraduates and to get them involved before they go on a placement or into the industry after their degree. The aim being to help them network with food industry professionals, enhance their CV and hopefully get them involved with IFST from as young an age as possible and keep getting them involved!

  Martha Skinner - Sensory Science Representative  is currently a PhD student at the University of Nottingham, where she is using both sensory science and functional magnetic resonance imaging to investigate the behavioural and cortical response to taste, She is especially interested in variation in taste perception, and is exploring the taste response across PROP and thermal taste phenotypes, as well as the TAS2R38 and gustin genotypes.   Another area of interest is differences in the number of fungiform papillae across different taster status groups, and the affect this may have on taste sensitivity. View more information.
Anna Monaghan - Student committee member
Anna Monaghan - Committee member is a 2nd year student of Food Quality, Safety & Nutrition at Queen's University. Anna founded and is currently president of QUB's 1st Food Science/Nutrition Society, QUBFoodies. At present Anna is enjoying learning all the various aspects of Food Science and am taking every opportunity to gain as much experience as possible such as work with The Centre for Public Health and Institute of Global Food Security; experience she hopes to build upon next year as a Nutrition Intern with GlaxoSmithKline.  Anna is also a member of the Northern Ireland Branch Committee.
Holly Cuthill
Holly Cuthill - Committee member - Recently graduated from the University of Nottingham where I studied Nutrition and Food Science. After a long summer off travelling I will be starting my PhD for Mondelez. 
Sensory Science for students

The Sensory Science Student Group was formed in 2013, and is looking to recruit students to join the committee!

Find out about the aims of the group, who's involved and what they have been up to...

What we are up to and where to find us!


Date Event/Activities Who
10 Fresh Careers Fair, London Kiu Sum & Mary Domingo kindly volunteered their time to help us on the stand. 
14 IFST Volunteers' Assembly and AGM James Huscroft, Robert Murdock, Ben King
16/17 Love Food Love Science recording for website Holly Cuthill
6 IFST Spring Conference Dinner James Huscroft, Ben King & 2017 IFST Young Ambassadors
7 IFST Spring Conference

James Huscroft, Ben King & 2017 IFST Young Ambassadors