Sensory Science

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IFST Sensory Science Group

The Sensory Science Group (SSG) provides its members with many opportunities to engage and share knowledge with fellow members. The Group provides a wide range of activities which includes an annual Sensory Conference; regular Discussion Workshops; accreditation and examination of Sensory Training; the review and promotion of Ethical and Professional Standards; and an active Student Forum.

The SSG has recently launched a new Register of Professional Sensory Scientists.

Top image credit: Sensory Science Centre, University of Nottingham

Find out more about the Sensory Science Group Committee and working groups

The Sensory Science Group is run by the SSG Committee.  Membership of the Committee is open to all Full Members of the IFST and we welcome new volunteers! 

Each Committee member belongs to at least one of the five SSG Working Groups.

Find out more about the Sensory Science Group Committee and working groups

Upcoming Events

It's not always just about the Flavour, 22 May 2017, Nottingham

The 2017 SSG Conference will take a fresh look at the Sensory Modalities: appearance, aroma, flavour, texture and aftertaste.  The event will comprise presentation, workshops and posters.  Speakers from academia and industry will highlight new developments in our understanding of how the sensory modalities are perceived; explore the practicalities involved in making assessments and measurements; and assess the role of new techniques in improving our understanding of how the modalities interact to create our overall product experience.  This Conference will be of value to Sensory and Consumer scientists working in the Food, Beverage, Personal and Home Care sectors who want to stay up to date with the latest developments in their field. The SSG Conference typically attracts approximately 100 delegates from a range of industries providing a great networking opportunity for all.

join our Professional Register of Sensory Scientists

IFST's Sensory Science Group's accreditation scheme for those working in Sensory Science was launched in 2004 with the provision of the Foundation and Intermediate syllabi and these have become acknowledged professional qualifications that signify the status of individuals working in Sensory Science.

In 2014, the Register of Professional Sensory Scientists (RSensSci) was added to the scheme.  It provides a third and higher tier to the scheme and a level of professional recognition previously unavailable in the Sensory Science field.

Find out more about how to become a Registered Sensory Scientist today!

Sensory Science Group Travel Prize

You be awarded £500 towards the cost of attending a food sensory conference or meeting of your choice to present your research plus one year's IFST membership at Associate rate. The award is open for full or part-time UK-based students enrolled on a food science or related undergraduate or postgraduate course. Applicants will need to submit an abstract of their research for a poster or oral presentation for inclusion at the relevant conference/meeting.

Materials required for application: A short paragraph giving details of the research project and whether it has been accepted by the conference for inclusion, the research abstract, applicant CV, breakdown of expected conference-related costs, and a supporting letter from a tutor or relevant supervisor verifying the research.

This competition is now closed.

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Sensory Course Accreditation Schemes

The SSG has led the development of a formal qualification for Sensory Scientists. This has greatly enhanced the credibility and professional status of those working in the field.

The introduction of consistent standards for the content and delivery of Sensory Training courses has reassured attendees as to the quality and content of these courses and has ensured the level of training provided.The inclusion of an examination structure and award of IFST’s Certificate of Achievement also provide delegates with an opportunity to gain tangible benefits from attending these courses.

Find out more about Sensory Accreditation today.

European Sensory Science Society (E3S)

The Sensory Science Group is a member of the European Sensory Science Society (E3S).

The E3S is a non-profit organisation whose goal is to gather all national organisations that deal with Sensory Science within Europe.  The SSG represents the UK at E3S, alongside national Sensory Societies from Austria, Denmark, Italy, Finland, France, Germany, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and The Netherlands.

The next E3S Annual Symposium will be organised in Paris/Paris area on 9-10 May 2017 in collaboration with SFAS (Societé Francaise de Sciences Sensorielles). Find out more.


Sensory Science for Students

The Sensory Science Student Group was formed in 2013, and is looking to recruit students to join the committee!

Find out about the aims of the group, who's involved and what they have been up to.