How to make a personal development plan (PDP)

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You can start planning your professional development any time of the year. First decide what is your goal (PDP) and then think what you will need to learn (objectives) and how you will learn it (action).

Please also find pictured guidance also in the bottom of this page.

1. How to create a Personal Development plan

Hover over PDP and choose create new personal development plan

Enter details (title and dates when scheduled to be completed)


2. How to add objectives

Tick a box add new PDP objective

Enter details (Title, name of the objectives and actions)


Quick tips when thinking of objectives:

  • The objective is specific to the particular problem area.
  • Include the context of the development need.
  • Make it something realistic and achievable.

Quick tips when thinking of actions:

For a PDP objective you should expect to have around 4-5 learning activities (actions)