New and emerging novel foods - the UK regulatory system, market development, safety, and innovation in the food sector

Organised by Westminster Food & Nutrition Forum

This conference focuses on the regulation of new and emerging novel foods in the UK - including the way forward for policy following exit from the EU, how regulation is responding to innovation in the food sector, and the role of novel food methods in addressing food system challenges.
Areas for discussion:
•    establishing the UK regulatory system for novel foods - managing a smooth transition, new opportunities and challenges, and the future relationship with the EU
•    market development - improving access to novel food products across the plant-based sector, as well as insect foods and CBD
•    safety - ensuring that consumers are protected as the sector grows,
•    research and development - priorities for driving forward innovation in the food sector, and how the regulatory system can keep pace
•    sustainable food production - the role of novel foods, and the next steps for meeting strategic challenges within the food system

The agenda:
•    Developments in regulating novel foods and the UK’s approach following exit from the EU
•    Regulation of novel foods in the UK - responding to emerging trends, the evolving regulatory landscape, and priorities for the UK’s future relationship with the EU and other territories
•    Safe market development and access to novel foods - consumer protection and the use of descriptors, responding to plant-based sector growth, learning from insect-based food regulation, and CBD as a novel food
•    Priorities for research and innovation in the food sector and the regulatory response to utilising novel food processes
•    The role of novel methods in the production of sustainable food and addressing food system challenges going forward
•    The future for the use of GM and gene-edited methods in the UK
•    Developments in nutritional health claims in novel foods and the impact of COVID-19
•    Next steps for the use of innovative food methods to meet UK strategic challenges