Agri-food Innovations Webinar 4 - Capturing value from food chain information

Organised by STFC Food Network+ 

This webinar is part of the SFN AgriFood Innovation Series highlighting the transformational potential of technology to achieve a more sustainable, equitable, and safer global food system.

Speaker: Dr Raymond Obayi (Alliance Manchester Business School and STFC Food Network+ Liaison for Food Policy)


Well-designed data analytics solutions allow food chain actors to utilize data intelligently to address emerging business and policy challenges (traceability, visibility and smart analytics). Given the global scope of most food chains, it is crucial to explore policy and business innovations for linking up food chain information to enable efficient and responsive supply chain operations that use real-time insights to drive performance, meet customer needs and improve operational efficiency. To consolidate valuable data from multiple sources into smart and interactive dashboards for intelligent decision-making, policy innovations for food chain data management are required to overcome the challenges of data silos, interoperability and traceability. This seminar explores data trusts as a core innovation for harnessing the power of food chain data.