Hot Topics in Microbiology Conference

Organised by Campden BRI

What’s hot in food microbiology? Find out from experts in the food and drink industry about the current and future microbiology issues affecting the safe production of food. This year, our popular annual conference is brought to you online, so you’ll be able to access it from work or at home!

Following last year revision of the Codex Alimentarius which saw the introduction of the food safety culture concept of as a general principle of food, Bill Marler from The Food Safety Law Firm based in the USA will tell you all about why food companies need a food safety culture. You’ll find out why the majority of foodborne illnesses are due to failures in the culture of organisations responsible for the safety of products and, how culture can be improved to enhance food safety performance.

The usual ‘suspects’, Salmonella and Listeria, will also feature in thought-provoking presentations. From Nottingham University, Franziska Wohlgemuth will explore the challenges and strategies for fungal control in the food supply chain, while Dr Mark Moorman from the Food & Drug Administration in the USA will discuss environmental issues and fresh produce safety.

Dr Greg Rachon from Campden BRI will cover heat resistance of yeast ascospores and, their utilisation for the validation of pasteurization processes for beers. This links to Dr Theo Varzakas, from the University of Peloponnese in Greece presentation on fermentative foods and their microbiology, biochemistry and public health issues. And what about food safety from a quick-service restaurant point of view? Dr Bizhan Pourkomailian from McDonalds will tell you all about it.

These talks, alongside Christina Oscroft, from Campden BRI, presentation on the general overview of ISO 16140:3 with the key factors to consider from a laboratory perspective, will provide you with a greater understanding of how to safeguard your factory and workforce from both current and future microbiological threats.

Who should attend?

Food and beverage laboratory personnel, microbiologists and technical managers, food manufacturers, quality assurance (QA) staff and food safety managers.