IFST South East Branch's Annual Presentation – Waging the War on Waste

Organised by South East Branch 

members and non-members are welcome

Each year the SE Branch Annual Meeting is followed by topical presentations and discussion in an open forum, where student participation is especially encouraged.

This year we are bringing two specialist speakers, and the theme is the Waging the War on Waste. This topic covers a wide area given the global challenges.

Take the opportunity to hear from two experts from industry leading businesses working to reduce and recycle waste from the food industry. 

This will be a chance to further explore and understand how the food industry can improve it’s impact on the planet. Whether it’s the food going out of date in our fridges or plastic heading towards the sea our speakers will be giving an overview of how their businesses contribute to waste reduction as well as giving their thoughts on what industry could do more on and what the future may hold. 

With COP26 fresh in our memory, we can ask subject matter experts some of the burning questions we have been pondering. 

What you will learn about: Methods and challenges in waste recovery and distribution. Plastic recycling industry and food waste redistribution.

Target Audience: All those with an interest in preventing waste and circular economy in the food industry. Food Industry Professionals, Students and those in Academia.

Speaker: Raffi Schieir, Director, Bantam Materials, Prevented Ocean Plastic, 2020 Sustainable Initiative of the Year (RIA), 2017 Chair ICIS Rpet Value Chain Conference

The Prevented Ocean Plastic programme, certified by OceanCycle, aligns plastic recycling standards across coastlines at risk from ocean plastic pollution, offering an ongoing supply of recycled plastic at industry scale and quality levels while supporting local communities. Most importantly, we go to work each day knowing that our activities have a direct and immediate impact on preventing scrap plastic from reaching the oceans, as well as providing a guaranteed life-sustaining income for families in poverty.

Speaker: Liam Jones, Head of Business Development, Olio

Liam Jones food waste journey began as a volunteer in Hackney, where he collected surplus food once a week and redistributed it via the OLIO app. This experience brought him closer to his neighbours and taught him that no good food should ever be thrown away.

OLIO connects neighbours and with local businesses so surplus food can be shared, not thrown away. This could be food nearing its sell-by date in local stores, spare home-grown vegetables, bread from your baker, or the groceries in your fridge when you go away.

Host: Owen Evans, Chair of South East Branch  

Owen currently works for Amazon Fresh as a Senior Food Safety Technical Manager, with previous roles at Marks & Spencer and the Daniels Group (now Hain Daniels). His work includes gelatine replacement in sugar confectionery, enzyme technology in baked goods and infra-red baking. He brings a wide range of experience to the panel including chocolate and sugar confectionery, raw meat, fish & poultry, baked goods, ready meals, fresh prepared fruit, sandwiches and sushi. Owen also sits on the Industrial Advisory Board for the University of Leeds and is the current Chair of the IFST South East Branch Committee

Q&A: Owen Evans, Liam Jones and Raffi Schieir