Shaping the profession: IFST Professional Development Focus Group

Organised by IFST Professional Development Group

Take part in an open and frank discussion about the food sector in the IFST Professional Development Focus Group.

We are hoping to explore your concerns around recruitment and development of food science and technology talent.  We would also like to understand what role you think IFST should be playing in terms of upholding and developing people and professionalism in the sector.  We want to ensure that IFST remains relevant and supportive to the sector, and we are asking for your help to guide us towards achieving this objective.

We will kick off with lunch and then move through a couple of short scene-setting briefings from sector colleagues to get us thinking and initiate discussion.  We will then have a more wide-ranging discussion about what the sector as a whole needs in terms of professional development and what IFST and others can do to support that.

Our audience will include key contacts from IFST group scheme employers and, reps from the former Professional Development Committee and Education & Careers Committee.

By invitation only

Check IFST policies section for information about cancellations and amendments.