SCI-RSC Plastics, from Cradle to Grave and Resurrection

Organised by SCI and RSC

The use and mis-use of plastics has attracted considerable attention. The UK government has already pledged to work to reduce waste plastic. The Chancellor Philip Hammond announced a £20m fund in the 2018 Spring Budget to help businesses and universities to develop new technologies to help achieve the target of eliminating 'avoidable plastic waste' by 2042. There will be upcoming funding calls, as well as a need to review the whole area to reduce, replace and refine the use of plastics.

This conference brings together key sectors with the aim of focusing on assessing challenges and opportunities for researchers, industry and government. There will be a thematic link between the uses of plastics, their replacement with other materials, where it is advantageous, the toxicological hazards and benefits of plastic use, and the post-use challenges and opportunities.