AFTP Course - Drones for Crop Production

Organised by AFTP

This course is aimed at people who have had no prior experience of using drones or remote sensing imagery. It would be a suitable course for Small Farm Owners, Farm Business Managers, Researchers in agribusinesses, Government agency employees and Agri-consultants.

Accurate information regarding crop production is becoming increasingly important. This information is needed for effective (localised) crop management decisions to increased crop production and improved timely and on-demand response. Traditional crop monitoring methods, using ground survey and aerial photography, have their limitations, in terms of cost, resolution and time to deployment for data capture. The use of lightweight (<7 kg) and easily deployable drones can overcome this limitation. Given the increased availability of low-cost drone platforms and the increased requirement from industry, government and society alike for improved land management the use of drone in crop management is increasing.