AFTP Course - Genetic Improvement of Crop Plants

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Monday, 25 March, 2019 - 10:00
Online, University of Nottingham

The Genetic Improvement of Crop Plants course is aimed at individuals who wish to understand how research into agricultural traits, crop genetics and the breeding of crop plants is actually done.

Course participants will develop their understanding of the factors which influence how crop plants can be genetically improved and how Biotechnological approaches can be intelligently applied. This involves taking into account the fundamental constraints represented by factors such as the breeding system and life cycle of the plant; the domestication process it underwent and the tools currently available within the target species.

They will gain practical experience of how ‘DNA markers’ are used to breed desirable characteristics into crops and will be able to meet scientists working on fundamental and applied crop research, together with experts from the plant breeding industry, who will offer their own perspectives on crop breeding within the industry and where Biotechnological approaches have benefited the industry and where they have failed.