Sensory Science Conference 2018: Health is Wealth

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Thursday, 7 June, 2018 - 09:00 to 16:45
University College Birmingham, McIntyre House, 2 Holland Street, B3 1PW

IFST Sensory Science Group is pleased to announce that its 2018 one-day interactive Conference will prescribe an invigorating dose of health and wellbeing and explore how sensory and consumer science is adapting to support this growing platform.

The event will comprise presentations, workshops and posters. Speakers from academia and industry will highlight new developments in our understanding of how wellness is perceived; investigate what role the senses play in health and healthy behaviours; explore the practicalities involved in making healthier products; and assess the role of new techniques in improving our understanding in this area.

***New for 2018*** 

We are pleased to announce a dedicated student flash oral poster session and competition during the conference.

Students (both undergraduate* and postgraduate) will have the opportunity to present their research to the wider sensory and consumer science community. The presentations will be judged, and the best will be awarded a prize - £100 and one-year free membership of IFST. The deadline for abstract submission for the flash oral poster poster session has passed.

We are also accepting abstracts for posters from any conference delegate for display in the visual poster session which will be held over the lunchtime networking session. Please contact Carol Raithatha at for an abstract template. 

*if you are an undergraduate, contact Sarah ( to discuss reduced registration fee


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Refreshments and Registration


Welcome and Introductions
Stephanie Mitchell Chair of The Sensory Science Group, IFST
Senior Sensory Manager, PPL Insights


How consumers conceptualise Well-Being and Feeling Good in Relation to Food and Beverage across the World
Dr. Martin Kern C.E.O., SAM Sensory and Marketing International
Director of Sensory and Marketing Research, Eurofins Worldwide

Interested in understanding how consumer goods contribute to perceived wellbeing has increased rapidly in recent years. Dr Martin Kern will discuss the findings from a recent study which showed feeling good is internationally associated to happiness, health and family/friends, followed by money, peace/relaxation and food. However, interesting cultural differences emerge, in close relationship to common world region or language type which bring international insights for food and non-food industries seeking to increase consumers’ wellbeing experience through their products.

Find out more about Dr Martin Kern and his talk on wellbeing 


Sensory influences on satiation and satiety
Professor Martin R Yeomans, Professor of Experimental Psychology, University of Sussex

Professor Martin Yeomans is a world-leading researcher in the relationship between sensory experience and aspects of human ingestive behaviour. His research has focussed on sensory influences on human ingestion, starting with work on palatability and then focussing on the role of learning in human food preference development.  His most recent focus integrates these interests by examining how the beliefs and expectations of consumers before and during ingestion modify appetite and satiety.

Find out more about Professor Yeomans and his talk on satiation and satiety




Well-being provided by food: a new questionnaire to support well-being claims
Lise Dreyfuss, Global Expert Sensory & Consumer, Biofortis

Well-being is a complex concept, highly correlated with notions of wellness, quality of life, life satisfaction and happiness. Many questionnaires exist in various domains to measure well-being on an individual level but none covers all well-being dimensions linked with product usage or consumption. Lise’s presentation will focus on a new tool Biofortis has developed to measure perceived well-being after repeated consumption of a food supplement where the results not only confirm a positive perceived effect on health and daily life but also highlight unexpected benefits such as improved self-esteem and confidence.

Find out more about Lise and her talk on supporting well-being claims


Student Flash Posters 5 @ 7 mins - NEW for 2018

***New for 2018*** We are pleased to announce a dedicated student flash poster session during the conference where students will have the opportunity to present their research to the wider sensory and consumer science community. The winner of the session will win £100 and one year free membership to the IFST.

Call for posters from any conference attendee on the topic of sensory and consumer science or health and wellness and related developments in approach or methodology. Selected abstracts from students will be given the opportunity to present in the flash poster session. Enquiries to for information and abstract template.  Deadline for receipt of abstracts is Friday April 13.


A chance to catch up with colleagues old and new, read the posters displayed and visit the exhibition tables


Sensory Science Group Update
Lauren Rodgers, Sensory Science Consultant


The health impacts of living without smell and/or taste
Professor Carl Philpott, Professor of Rhinology & Olfactology and Head of Rhinology & ENT Research Group, Norwich Medical School & James Paget University Hospital

Loss of smell is a common but underrated problem. At least 1% of people can’t smell and up to 20% may have a smell disorder. Other sensory losses are well recognised and supported, but loss of smell or taste can have profound effects that are often only apparent to the sufferer. Professor Philpott’s seminar will focus on the impact of these disorders on sufferers and steps that can be taken to help alleviate this. Quantitative and qualitative techniques to measure acuity and to understand the impact of sensory loss on individuals will also be discussed.

Find out more about Professor Philpott and his talk on living without smell here


The microstructure of food: how this influences our senses and eating behaviour
Dr Sarah Santos-Murphy, Lecturer, Mark Erwins, Lecturer and Mandy Lloyd, Lecturer, University College Birmingham

Find out more about Sarah and Mark


Deiniol Pritchard, Senior Development Chef, The Fat Duck Group
More details coming soon


The principles to developing healthy products that are affordable, easy to use and are great tasting
Sam Heenan, Flavour & Sensory Senior Scientist, Mars
Melanie Rae Pitout, Systems and Nutrition Scientist, Global R&D, Mars

Sam and Melanie will highlight the nutritional criteria for meals and review how techniques from sensory science are being used to measure reformulation changes in the context of reducing/replacing salt, sugar and the fat content of foods. They will also discuss how sensory perception can positively or negatively impact on the product experience, which can be related to the sense of wellbeing. In addition, this presentation will review how the multimodal behaviour of sensory perception is related to the state of wellbeing through product experiences.     

Find out more about Sam and Melanie and their talk on developing healthy products


Closing Remarks
A wrap up of the day
Stephanie Mitchell Chair of The Sensory Science Group, IFST
Senior Sensory Manager, PPL Insights

16:45 Conference ends

Please note that the programme is subject to change. 

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? This Conference is essential for Sensory and Consumer scientists working in the Food, Beverage, Personal, Home and Healthcare sectors who want to stay up to date with the latest developments in their field.

The Sensory Science Group Conference typically attracts approximately 100 delegates from a range of industries providing a great networking opportunity for all. 

Venue map can be found here and driving map is attached below. 


Dress code: Smart Casual or Business wear

​For other information or if you need an invoice please contact Delia Mertoiu.

Check IFST policies section for information about cancellations and amendments. 



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