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The Register of Food Safety Professionals provides you with the perfect tool to invest in your team’s expertise and recognise their professionalism. See below for just a few of the benefits of having a team that’s independently and formally recognised. 

Access to reliable food safety information and knowledge sharing as well as trusted resources and breaking food news stories.

Make sure your team is up-to-date with new developments in technology, standards and procedures and so they are ready to face emerging food safety threats.


Robust food safety practices and policies are fundamental to the production of safe food.

Build a team that is recognised internally and externally with independent, formalised assurance of their skills and expertise.

Whether you’re a supplier or a retailer send a message that you understand the professional and ethical responsibility of providing safe food. 

Put food safety and integrity at the core of your sales strategy.



Demonstrate the importance of your team’s development by encouraging them to become accredited.

Invest in your team’s continuing professional development, help them build their knowledge and skills and give added value to their role in your organisation. 


Three Levels of Accreditation

Food Safety Register Pyramid Registered Food Safety Practitioner Registered Food Safety Manager Register Food Safety Principal

The Register of Food Safety Professionals offers a three-level professional structure through which individuals can develop and progress irrespective of their starting point:  Registered Food Safety Principal (RFoodSP), Registered Food Safety Manager (RFoodSM) and Registered Food Safety Practitioner (RFoodSPrac). Click on the pyramid for an in depth look at the specific requirements of each level of the Register.

Food Safety Principal (RFoodSP) is the highest level of the Register of Food Safety Professionals. Principals usually have 10 or more years of experience working in food safety. They are typically accountable for policy, strategy, systems, education and the management and direction of food safety professionals in the organisation. They will often work autonomously supervising large teams.

Food Safety Manager (RFoodSM) is the second level of the Register of Food Safety Professionals. Managers usually have 4-10 years’ experience working in food safety. They are typically accountable for the implementation of policy and delivery of food safety performance for a given area of operation. They will exercise a large degree of autonomy in their work and will likely manage small teams to achieve outcomes. 

Food Safety Practitioner (RFoodSPrac) is the first level of the Register of Food Safety Professionals. Practitioners usually have 1-4 years of experience working in food safety. They are typically accountable for the delivery of specific food safety functions, perhaps as a member of the Quality Assurance function, HACCP Team member, Internal Auditor or as a Hygiene Team supervisor. They will work without close supervision at work and may exercise some degree of autonomy in their role whilst still adhering to company policy and protocol.

Continuing Professional Development with myCPD

When an individual joins the Register they will gain access to myCPD, IFST’s Continuing Professional Development monitoring platform. myCPD is a simple, structured and secure online recording system which will help your team to track their progress throughout the year. Accessible on the move from a smartphone or tablet, myCPD tracks progress, sends reminders and allows the generation of easy-to-share reports at the click of a button.

myCPD also gives you the ability to oversee and assess your team’s CPD submissions and overall yearly progress. Keep track of your team’s development and make sure that they are dedicated to maintaining and cultivating their skillset in the rapidly changing world of food.

Accredit my team

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