Get my team on the register

Successful accreditation on the Register of Food Safety Professionals allows you to build a safety compliance culture within your organisation.

Group Schemes

If you would like to accredit several team members at once you might consider setting up a group scheme with IFST.

Membership of IFST has always been on an individual basis and this still remains the case. However, we recognise that some organisations already fund the membership fees for a number of their employees on an individual basis.

Based on this, IFST offers a set of incentives to encourage companies to enrol their employees on a group basis.

We offer a discounted rate on membership based on the number of employees registered. We also have a flexible list of benefits (which will be agreed individually), based on your specific requirements.

These include:

  • Fast-tracking the acceptance of Member/Fellow applications and applications for other IFST Registers.
  • Assistance in setting up effective Continuing Professional Development (CPD) schemes with IFST’s myCPD software and triennial accreditation.
  • A free advertisement per year in one of our online publications
  • Ten free short event entries in our events listing
  • An invitation for key employees to attend the IFST Lecture
  • The opportunity to hold an event specific to your organisations (and using your premises)
  • A poster-sized certificate for the organisation’s reception

If you would like more information about entering a group scheme, please contact Delia Mertoiu.