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Outline of a Manager:

Registered Food Safety Manager is the second level of the Register of Food Safety Professionals. Typical roles of a Food Safety Manager include Technical Manager, HAACP Team Leader, Food Examiner, Head of a QA Department, Food Premises Inspector, External Auditor or Food Safety Consultant.

Food Safety Managers are typically responsible for the implementation and operation of company policy, systems and guidance. They will provide technical advice about internal food safety policy and the development and improvement of said policy. They may conduct 3rd party audits or investigations. They will exercise a large degree of autonomy in their work and will likely manage small teams to achieve outcomes.

Example Pathways:

Our accreditation process is rigorous, but flexible enough to recognise that Food Safety Professionals may have gained their experience through very different career paths. Our assessment process is based on demonstrating competences but, to give you an indication, below are just a few of the example routes that could lead to someone being eligible for Manager status:

  • 10 years’ experience in food sector with at least 2 years in a food safety related management position
  • 6 years’ experience in food sector with at least 2 years in a food safety related management position and a BSc in Food Science and Technology or closely related subject
  • 4 years’ experience in food sector with at least 1 year in a food safety related management position and a Masters in Food Science and Technology or closely related subject
  • 2 years’ experience at a senior level related to food safety and a PhD in Food Science and Technology or closely related subject

* All Food Safety Managers are expected to have at least a Level 3 (Intermediate) HAACP Qualification or equivalent



In order to qualify for Food Safety Principal status you must be able to demonstrate that you fulfil a number of knowledge based and professional competences. For more information on the specifics of the competences please see our competency framework.

In addition, you are required to comply with IFST’s Code of Professional Conduct which expects all registrants to uphold the integrity of the food science profession and comply with best practice to ensure the safety of all food products.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD):

You will also need to demonstrate your personal commitment to the highest professional standards by continually and actively maintaining and enhancing your knowledge and skills throughout your career. You will be required to renew your registration every 3 years by demonstrating that you are still professionally active and that you have engaged in CPD. IFST has adopted a set of standards for Continuing Professional Development similar to those adopted by other science based professional bodies. A wide range of activities can contribute to your CPD. It is up to you to recognise needs and opportunities both inside and outside your workplace and to take advantage of learning experiences to develop your own CPD programme.

When you join the Register you will gain access to myCPD, IFST’s exclusive CPD monitoring software. myCPD is a simple, structured and secure online recording system which will help you to track your progress throughout the year. Accessible on the move from your smartphone or tablet, myCPD tracks your progress, sends you reminders and allows you to generate easy-to-share reports at the click of a button.

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Not sure if you’re eligible to become a Registered Food Safety Manager? Email Ruth Ashaye for advice on what level is most appropriate to your experience and qualifications, or use our decision tree.


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