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Launched in 2014, IFST's Register of Food Safety Professionals recognises those working at all levels within food safety throughout the sector and was developed following considerable cross-sector consultation.

The production of food and drink that is safe to consume is the number one priority for all those legitimately involved in its production, distribution and preparation.  IFST’s Register of Food Safety Professionals offers recognition to food safety personnel following a robust and independent assessment process through IFST. Professional accreditation demonstrates an individual’s high level of skills and experience within food safety, as well as commitment to lifelong learning and excelling as a food professional – a status which they will be able to retain by proving ongoing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and by committing to a Code of Professional Conduct.

Individuals on the register will receive support from IFST through access to food safety resources and the community to ensure that they can reach their full potential and are continuously developing as a professional.

For food businesses, this register will prove an individual’s independently accredited experience, providing employers with reassurance when recruiting new food safety personnel as well as providing additional reassurance to retailers, auditors and enforcement officers that their business has suitably qualified and experienced people in these critical roles.

The three tiers of registration

The Register of Food Safety Professionals offers a three level professional structure through which people can develop and progress irrespective of their starting point:  Registered Food Safety Principal (RFoodSP), Registered Food Safety Manager (RFoodSM) and Registered Food Safety Practitioner (RFoodSPrac).

Accreditation is flexible in that it recognises a blend of formal education and professional experience.  An outline of the requirements for the three tiers is shown below. These typical roles and education/training are provided as an indication only as we will accept a wide range of qualifications and experience combinations.

Potential applicants looking to qualify as a Food Examiner through IFST Membership/Fellowship, should consider registering as a Registered Food Safety Principal or Manager.

Registered Food Safety Principal

Typical roles: Senior Food Safety/ Technical Manager/ Director in larger company, senior consultants on long term or high level strategic contracts, acting for example as Senior Food Safety Manager, scientific advisor to government, Chief EHOs

Typical education/training: QCF level 7 (Masters) qualification (in food science/technology or related science/engineering discipline or equivalent), plus Advanced (level 4) HACCP certificate (or equivalent)

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How to apply

Registered Food Safety Manager

Typical roles: Food Safety /Technical Manager, HACCP Team Leader, Food Examiner, Head of QA Department, food premises inspectors, 3rd party/external auditors, EHPs specialising in food enforcement, food safety consultants

Typical education/training: QCF level 6 (Degree) qualification (in food science/technology or related science/engineering discipline) or equivalent qualifications/experience, plus Intermediate (level 3) HACCP certificate (or equivalent)

RPFAM Food Auditor/Mentor

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Registered Food Safety Practitioner

Typical roles: Member of QA function, HACCP Team member, internal auditor, Hygiene Team supervisor

Typical education/training: QCF level 5 qualification, in food science/technology or related science/ engineering discipline, or equivalent qualifications/experience plus Introductory (level 2) HACCP certificate, or equivalent

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How to apply

Initial assessment and ongoing registration

Initial assessment

Applicants will be required to supply detailed supporting evidence of knowledge, skills and behavioural competencies including:

  • Application of knowledge and understanding (including generic knowledge/skills (e.g. HACCP) and sector specific knowledge/skills)
  • Personal responsibility
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Professional practice
  • Commitment to professional standards

Candidates will be assessed by a trained panel of IFST assessors.

Ongoing registration

Registrants will be required to undertake effective Continuing Professional Development (CPD). This will include a minimum requirement of appropriate CPD activities per annum using a balanced portfolio of activities. IFST offers registrants free access to its online CPD management system MyCPD

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