Full programme

Day one - 14 May 2014

Morning Parallel Sessions

Session 1


09:30 Science in food: a current opportunity, a future challenge Dr Celia Caulcott
Director, Innovation and Skills, Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC)

Session 2

Focusing on scientist/practitioner collaboration to address primary food production challenges

Organised by IFST Agri-Food Subject Interest Group

10:05 Feeding the Future: Why collaboration is crucial Sir Jim Paice
MP for SE Cambridge and Former Minister of State for Agriculture and Rural Affairs
10:25 Science in Practice - the impact of animal nutritional research on the commercial sector Prof Julian Wiseman
Professor of Animal Production, University of Nottingham
10:50 Refreshments, exhibition and poster showcase
11:10 Challenges for increasing crop productivity: Farmer and scientist solutions Dr Pete Berry
Head of Crop Physiology, ADAS
11:30 Agriculture and the appliance of science Heather Jenkins
Director of Buying for Meat, Poultry, Fish, Frozen Food and Dairy, Waitrose
11:50 Panel session
12:20 Conclusion and round-up

Session 3

Innovation Protection

Organised by IFST Consultancy Subject Interest Group

10:00 Leveraging collaborative and open innovation to discover an exciting future Tim Ingmire
Head of Food Innovation, R&D, PepsiCo Europe
10:45 Refreshments, exhibition and poster showcase

New and emerging technologies

Microencapsulation using biocapsules

Cold plasma: Applications and future perspectives within the food and drink industry

PHAM Hoang Bao Ngoc
3rd year PhD student, Laboratory of Food and Microbial Processes (PAM UMR) AgroSup Dijon, University of Burgundy

Danny Bayliss PhD
New Technology Specialist, Campden BRI

11:50 A holistic approach to a healthy, balanced IP strategy David Read
Patent Attorney Litigator and Chartered UK and European Patent Attorney

Afternoon Parallel Sessions

Session 4

Food Safety - Can food safety scares ever be a thing of the past?

Organised by IFST Food Safety Subject Interest Group

13:30 Delivering a food safety culture Sterling Crew
Technical Director, Kolak Foods
14:10 50 years of fraud and facing future challenges Prof Tony Hines MBE
Head of Corporate Services and Crisis Management, Leatherhead Food Research
14:50 Building consumer confidence in our food supply networks Prof Chris Elliott
Director, Institute for Global Security, Queen's University Belfast
15:15 Refreshments, exhibition, poster showcase
15:40 Salmonella and food safety: Current and future strategies Dr Steven Ricke
Director of the Centre for Food Safety, University of Arkansas

Session 5

Refining Nutrition

Organised by IFST Nutrition and Health Subject Interest Group in collaboration with the Association for Nutrition

13:30 Nutrition, epigenetics and healthy life choices Prof Keith Godfrey
Professor of Epidemiology and Human Development, University of Southampton

The 'to' in Farm to Fork
Vegetables: is fresh best?


Milk processing

Cereal-based foods - untapped nutritional potential?

Hazel MacTavish-West
Senior Consultant, MacTavish-West Consulting Ltd

Dr Mike Lewis
University of Reading

Prof Sam Millar
Campden BRI

14:50 Panel session: The 'to' in Farm to Fork  
15:15 Refreshments, exhibition and poster showcase

New Membrane Technology for Preserving Food Ingredient Quality

Glenn Pickett
VP Sales and Marketing, Ederna

Day Two

Session 6

Introduction to day two, Jon Poole, IFST Chief Executive

Morning Parallel Sessions

Session 7

Food Law: Past, Present and Future

Organised by IFST Food Law Subject Interest Group

09:30 Examples of modern food law prosecutions Fred Philpott and Jonathan Goulding LLB
Gough Square Chambers
10:15 Setting the standard: Helping regulators and businesses stay legal David Pickering
Joint Lead Officer for Food and Nutrition, The Trading Standards Institute
10:45 Refreshments, exhibition and poster showcase
11:10 Flavour legislation - Past, present and future Joy Hardinge OBE
11:50 Corporate responsibility and the importance of regulation in the food industry Frank van der Linde
Activist/Publicist, Former Director at Fairfood International

Session 8

Food: Engineering the Future

Organised by the IFST Food Engineering Subject Interest Group in collaboration with the Food and Drink Engineering Forum (FDEF)

09:30 The future of food engineering Dr Tim Foster
Associate Professor and Reader in Food Structure, Nottingham University
10:15 Mechanical characterisation and modelling of confectionary products Saba Butt
PhD student, Imperial University
10:45 Refreshments, exhibition, poster showcase
11:10 Use of drone and satellite data in crop monitoring Steve Keyworth
Director, Ursula Agriculture Ltd
11:50 Robotics potential in food production Prof Simon Blackmore
Head of Engineering, Harper Adams University

Afternoon Parallel Sessions

Session 9

Impacts of Portion Control

Organised by IFST Northern Ireland Branch

13:30 Size matters - portion control and energy intake Prof Barbara Livingstone
Ulster University
14:05 Biopsychology of portion control and energy intake Dr Katherine Appleton
Bournemouth University
14:40 A retailer's view Karen Tonks
Tesco Company Nutritionist

Session 10

Strictly Sensory

Organised by IFST Professional Food Sensory Group (PFSG)

13:30 Sensory evaluation of food: What it is and what the future holds Prof Joanne Hort
SABMiller Chair of Sensory Science and Head of Brewing, University of Nottingham, Schools of Bioscience
14:00 The future of food Prof Charles Spence
Professor of Experimental Psychology and University Lecturer, University of Oxford, Somerville College
14:30 Interactive session: Pairing food and beverages with Prof Charles Spence

Session 11

Binsted Lecture

Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) British Section

15:20 Does food science get the press it deserves? Professor Harry Collins
Director of the Centre for the Study of Knowledge Expertise and Science, Cardiff University

Trevor Butterworth
Journalist and Editor-at-large for STATS.org based at George Mason University