IFT International Membership

Become an IFT International member and benefit from discounted IFT membership.

IFST is delighted to be a global partner with the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) to offer a joint international membership to food science and technology professionals in the UK.

Since 1939, the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) has been a forum for passionate food professionals and technologists to collaborate, learn, and contribute. IFT’s goal is to inspire and transform collective food scientific knowledge into innovative solutions for the benefit of all people around the world.

Testimonial from a joint IFT/IFST member:

I decided to take advantage of the international IFT membership to keep up-to-date with the US food science world and to expand my networking opportunities. As a sensory scientist, keeping an eye on the IFT Sensory & Consumer Sciences Division provides added depth to important topics, allowing me to be aware of methods and approaches in the sensory and consumer research community on both sides of the Atlantic!


Carol Raithatha CSci  RSensSci  FIFST

Research Consultant



IFT Benefits you will receive with an International Joint Membership

Annual IFT subscription is £83  PLUS relevant IFST membership level fee (please note annual prices are subject to change).


Existing IFT members:  This offer is available to IFT members for a fee, PLUS the relevant IFST subscription rate. 

To take advantage of this offer, professional, emeritus, and emeritus professional members would be required to become standard IFT members, which will result in a change of membership dues, benefits, and privileges.

Existing IFST members:  This offer is available only to members residing in the UK who are Full Associates, Members and Fellows (excludes students, postgraduates and anyone part of a Group Membership Scheme).

If you would like more information, please contact us at JoinUs@ifst.org.