Members' Week 2021

Tuesday 2 March 2021 (members only)
Session 1: Welcome to Members’ Week

Time: 12.00-12.50

Introduced by Alastair McGregor, Volunteers' Advisory Group Chair.

Helen Munday, IFST President, opens Members' Week.  Immediately followed by:-

1A Meet the Food Risk Management Systems Working Group 12.10-12.20
1B  Meet the Food Processing SIG 12.20-12.30
1C Meet the Eastern Branch 12.30-12.40
1D Meet the Midlands Branch 12.40-12.50
Session 2: Forum - developing an IFST mentoring scheme

Time: 13.00-13.55

The latest in a series of Forums to gain insights and gather feedback from members on education, careers and professional development in the sector.

This Forum will explore the potential demand for and benefits of an IFST professional mentoring scheme.

Help to shape a mentoring scheme that works for you!

Session 3: Student Networking

Time: 17.30-18.30

Introduced by David Brown, Volunteers' Advisory Group, and chaired by Student Group.

Join the Student Group for a relaxed networking event to get to know other students and apprentices and share ideas about future activities.  

Wednesday 3 March 2021 ‘Open Day’ (non-members welcome)
Session 4: Welcome to IFST Open Day and meet IFST team

Time: 13.00-14.00

Introduced my Margaret Everitt, Volunteers' Advisory Group.

Jon Poole, Chief Executive, introduces you to the IFST team, and members tell us why they are members of IFST.  Immediately followed by:-

4A Meet the Sustainability Working Group 13.20-13.30
4B Meet the Food Safety SIG 13.30-13.40
4C Meet the Food Innovation SIG 13.40-13.50
4D Meet the Food Science and Nutrition SIG 13.50-14.00
Session 5: Building Professionalism

Time: 16.10-16.50

Learn more about IFST professional development pathways from the Membership Assessment Panel and Ruth Ashaye, Registration & Assessment Manager.

Session 6: Early Career Networking

Time: 17.30-18.30

Introduced by Kiu Sum, Volunteers' Advisory Group, and chaired by Early Careers Group.

Join the Early Careers Group for a relaxed networking event to get to know other new and early career professionals and share ideas about future activities.

Thursday 4 March 2021 (members only)
Session 7: Small Group Professional Development Surgery

Time: 12.30-13.30

For anyone who needs personal guidance about their professional development in a small group setting.  Spaces are limited, so book early.  Chaired by Ruth Ashaye, Registration & Assessment Manager.

Session 8: Exchange ideas with the Board and VAG

Time: 16.15-17.00

Introduced by Alastair McGregor, Volunteers' Advisory Group Chair.

Have a burning question about IFST or how it is run?  Want to know how priorities are set?  Join representatives of the Board and Volunteers' Advisory Group for an informal discussion on all things IFST.

Session 9: 'Engaging and supporting IFST members: Where next?' & Networking

Time: 17.15-18.00 (speaker) 18.00-18.55 (networking)

Introduced by Helen Munday, President.  We hope to hear from our invited speaker (to be confirmed), Belinda Moore, author of 'Association Apocalypse'.  What are the significant challenges and exciting opportunities for membership, not-for-profit, and charitable bodies like IFST?  What will IFST look like in 5 years time?  How will we be doing business and connecting with our community?

Followed by 'Members’ Week Challenge Networking' (18.00-18.55), intended as a fun member-networking event to round up the week.  Chaired by Alastair McGregor, Volunteers' Advisory Group Chair.

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