COVID-19 Advisory Group

The COVID-19 Advisory Group has been created to assess the impact of COVID-19 and propose relevant policy positions, signpost to credible resources created by others, and generate additional complimentary IFST resources to populate our COVID-19 Knowledge Hub with scientifically robust and practical guidance for individuals, and for food operations. They are working closely with our internal IFST communities, other professional bodies and external Government agencies and departments to equip everyone with the best advice at this time.

Meet the COVID-19 Advisory Group

Chair: Chris Gilbert-Wood (also Chair of IFST Scientific Committee)

Committee Members:  Ivan Bartolo, Sue Bell, Julian Cooper, Sterling Crew, Sam Jennings, Andy Kerridge, Peter Littleton, Louise Manning, John Points, Denis Treacy, Peter Wareing. 

And from the IFST Team: Natasha Medhurst and Rachel Ward.