Food Risk Management Systems Working Group

The initial goal for this group is to highlight how the food industry can best leverage existing and new technological opportunities for improved information and data handling and analysis, which in turn could drive a more efficient supply chain, with better risk intelligence and therefore risk assessment and risk management.  Subsequently, the group are now reviewing approaches for verification and assessment of food risk management capability and proposing approaches fit for the future. IFST’s aim in this area remains the facilitation and promotion of approaches to food risk management that would provide evidence-based information regarding food safety and composition status, accessible to all contributors in the food supply chain, to deliver safe and authentic food to consumers in a cost-effective way, and provide solutions that benefit the industry, consumers and regulators.

Meet the Food Risk Management Systems Working Group

Chair: Louise Manning

Committee Members:  Claire Abbott, Saiqa Aslam, Derek Croucher, Chris Gilbert-Wood, John Graydon, Alex Guest, Andy Kerridge, Amanda McCarthy, Clare Rapa-Marley, Mark Swainson, Peter Wareing

And from the IFST Team:  Rachel Ward.