Register of Professional Sensory Scientists

IFST's Sensory Science Group's accreditation scheme for those working in sensory science was launched in 2004 with the provision of the Foundation and Intermediate syllabi and these have become acknowledged professional qualifications that signify the status of individuals in sensory science. The addition in 2014 of the Register of Professional Sensory Scientists (RSensSci) as a third higher tier into the scheme provides a level of professional recognition previously unavailable in the sensory science field.

Our independent, peer-reviewed application process is rigorous and flexible, taking account of each applicant’s technical qualifications and practical career experience to date. Individuals who join the register gain access to the only qualification of its kind in the world for food sensory scientists, as well as joining a network of world-class sensory scientists.

But don’t take our word for it, hear from Sarah Bilson about why they joined the Register.

"Being a Registered Sensory Scientist helps me communicate to my colleagues and network who are less familiar with Sensory Science that it is a scientific discipline. People often think that it is quite easy to do or it is just about asking a few people what they like but there is so much more to it than that. The work we do in the field of Sensory Science is based on rigorous methodologies and the decisions and recommendations we make are evidence based. There is no one-size fits all approach for sensory testing! It is important that we ensure all bias is eliminated during any testing, so we can be confident in the data we are collecting and the conclusions we draw to minimise any risk to the business. Having the Registered Sensory Scientist status demonstrates the level of skill required to be a fully qualified and experienced Sensory Scientis

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