Date Labelling Made Easy

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As part of our commitment to educate the public about food science and technology, we have released a new Food Science Fact Sheet on Date Labelling of Pre-Packaged Food.

Manufacturers have an obligation to ensure that food products can be enjoyed at their best and do not present a food safety hazard for the consumer, provided they are stored correctly. It is important that consumers understand this and follow the appropriate instructions (dates and storage conditions) printed on food labels.

The Fact Sheet answers the following questions:

  • What are commonly used date labelling terms?
  • Which products are exempt from date coding?
  • How is the shelf life determined?
  • How should food be stored?
  • What temperature should you be storing your chilled product at?

IFST produces a number of publications on topics within food science and technology. From our quarterly magazine to extensive guides, IFST publications are a reliable source for everything food science and technology.

Jon Poole, Chief Executive of IFST says “With so much media and press interest in food and health, it is really difficult for anyone to know what advice and guidance can be relied upon when making the simplest of food choices. As the independent professional body for food science and technology, we can provide consumers with sound evidence-based guidance and information which we hope will not only help inform their food choices but also stimulate people’s interest in the science behind their food.”

Download it here!