February 2018 Issue of IJFST Available Online

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The February 2018 issue of the International Journal of Food Science and Technology (IJFST) has been published online and is freely available to IFST members.

Research from this issue includes:

  • Polyphenol composition and antioxidant capacity in pulp and peel of apricot fruits of various varieties and maturity stages at harvest
  • Three Citrus flavonoids retard the digestion of starch and its working mechanisms
  • Physicochemical characterisation and α-amylase inhibitory activity of tea polysaccharides under simulated salivary, gastric and intestinal conditions
  • In vitro bioaccessibility of ergocalciferol in nanoemulsion-based delivery system: the influence of food-grade emulsifiers with different stabilising mechanisms
  • Inhibitory activity towards human α-amylase in wheat flour and gluten
  • The use of Nannochloropsis sp. as a source of omega-3 fatty acids in dry pasta: chemical, technological and sensory evaluation
and much more!!!!

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