Feeding Our Future | IFST membership offer

IFST is the leading professional body for food technical professionals providing career professional development, knowledge resources and a community for our members, If you are working in a technical role in the food sector at a senior level but are yet to join IFST, this is for you. Being part of a professional body, networking with your peers and having opportunities to contribute and invest in your profession is an important part of your professional development. We invite you to "pay it forward" by joining IFST and simultaneously supporting an up-and-coming food technical professional by nominating them to also join us FREE. IFST will fund your nominated member for the first year by using your membership fee, thus growing and feeding the future of the food profession.

Terms and conditions 

IFST demonstrates its commitment to growing the technical food profession by investing in our ‘Feeding our Future’ campaign during 2021-22. For each new nominated senior IFST member who joins us (the first 150 to apply), IFST will fund joining and membership fees for another individual nominated by the new joiner, as long as they meet our Associate member criteria. IFST will approach key individuals who are not existing members and invite them to join and nominate. Individuals are also able to nominate themselves and must have been working in the food profession in a senior role for at least 10 years. We encourage all new members to share their achievements on social media in line with our member social media guidelines.