Food Safety Management Systems - IFST Members Sought for New Activity

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IFST is looking for Members and Fellows to help guide plans for future work in the area of food safety management systems. We require contributors with a good understanding of the mechanics of the food system, current assurance approaches, and a grasp of the technological opportunities to support a more holistic food safety management system for the food industry. The group will develop a paper outlining the opportunities to evolve the food safety management system, and through their knowledge of the food industry and their networks, will help identify resources able to take on delivery of specific activities. Examples of such activities may include, but are not limited to: publication of best practice food safety management approaches, provision of new resources to support development of food safety management systems (e.g. online tools, signposting) and influencing longer term food safety management system evolution.

The input required would be several face-to-face or virtual meetings, and individual contribution to the paper development. Following publication of the paper, the need and opportunity to continue as a steering group would be considered.

For more information or to register interest, please contact John Bassett at

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