FSA publish summary of its latest board meeting including research on food allergens

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At an open meeting on 15 March, the FSA Board discussed further steps in designing a new modern regulatory system for food, the increasing public health issues from allergens in food, and proposals for research on adult food allergy.

An update was given on the Regulating Our Future programme. FSA note that the programme is modernising the regulatory system, to respond to changes in the global food system, to be more risk-led, and to achieve better outcomes for consumers.

Regarding allergens, the board considered a paper on the FSA’s allergy research programme, noting that allergens needed more attention and understanding and this should be developed collaboratively with researchers, specialist charities, consumer groups and health professionals. 

The Board agreed that this research would help them to decide future science and policy priorities, and whether these should adjust towards allergy. 

The Board also discussed the progress that had been made to date by the Steering Group on Meat Charging and thanked Bill Stow for his work to develop a more sustainable and equitable charging regime and input from the meat industry to this Group. They reported that future subsidy of the meat industry should not be a policy or an administrative decision for the FSA.

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