IFST Position on the War in Ukraine

In light of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, the IFST Board of Trustees have issued the following statement :

'Over the last few weeks we have all witnessed the scenes of war in Ukraine which can only be described as shocking and hugely disturbing. On a humanitarian level, I, like all others, am hugely moved by the impact this war is having on those in Ukraine and those who have been displaced from their homes as a result. As always, food becomes a focus for everyone – providing food to those still in Ukraine, the growing numbers who find themselves as refugees and, of course, the knock-on impacts of this war on food supplies globally.

As an Institute, we do not have any members in Ukraine but still wish to show our solidarity and support for all our colleagues involved in food research and technical roles, especially working to provide much needed food to those affected.

 The scientific community must remain focused, even during these testing time, on providing safe and nutritious food for all.

Peace for humanity must, in time, prevail, and we support the victims of all injustices, and condemn the perpetrators.'