June 2018 Issue of IJFST now available online

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The June 2018 issue of the International Journal of Food Science and Technology (IJFST) has been published online and is freely available to IFST members.

Research from this issue includes:

  • Neutralisation of toxins by probiotics during the transit into the gut: challenges and perspectives
  • Sensory evaluation and flavour analysis of soymilk produced from lipoxygenase‐free soya beans after modified processes and pulsed light treatment
  • Incorporation of gluten and hydrolysed gluten proteins has different effects on dough rheology and cookie characteristics
  • Influence of crystal promoters on sensory characteristics of heat‐resistant compound chocolate
  • Nutritional, microbial and sensory attributes of bread fortified with defatted watermelon seed flour
  • Use of berry pomace to replace flour, fat or sugar in cakes

and much more!!!!

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