New crop science research centre to focus on linking with farming and food industries to translate research into real world impact

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The Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) has announced the funding of £16.9m for the creation of a new Cambridge Centre for Crop Sciences (3CS), developed by the University of Cambridge in collaboration with NIAB.

The new centre will involve research from Plant Sciences and other University departments, NIAB, the Cambridge Sainsbury Laboratory and other UK and international research institutes.

Researchers will work with industrial partners to translate the University’s strong fundamental plant research into outputs for the farmer, processor and consumer.

Professor Sir David Baulcombe, head of Cambridge’s Department of Plant Sciences and the project lead for the University said in a press release: “3CS innovations will generate new crops and new ways of growing crops for food, fuels, industrial feedstocks and pharmaceuticals.

“We envisage that new 3CS crop technologies will enable higher crop yields and lower environmental impact for crop-based food production – as well as contributing to improved dietary health.”

The project leads say the 3CS will be uniquely well positioned to contribute to growth and innovation due to the partnership at its core: connecting the multidisciplinary research of the University with NIAB’s pipeline to the end-users in farming and food industries.

Source: NIAB's press release 

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