IFST Food Risk Management Systems Working Group Digitisation - turning quality data into quality information

Speaker Panel: Matt Rayment and Bárbara Serra
Host: Andy Kerridge

Digitalisation technologies are one of our most significant industry sectors. The aim of this webinar is to share with you some thought leadership from this sector.

Moving food companies from paper to digitised records seems to be taking an age. Perhaps one of the silver linings of Covid 19 is that people are realising that having digitised records makes working remotely so much easier. Add to this that the digitised data is much easier to manage and turn into useful information.

Organised by Food Risk Management Systems Working Group

Links below to UK Catapult Support for Digitalisation (from presentation):

Developed in conjunction with the Digital Catapult, High-Value Manufacturing Catapult and Innovate UK we created an online ‘Digital Readiness Level’ (DRL) tool you can complete (https://drl-tool.org/)
Coffee Break Questionnaire (5 – 10 mins) (https://drl-tool.org/coffee-break)
Full Questionnaire (1 Hour) (https://drl-tool.org/full-questionnaire)

Both the Digital Catapult and High-Value Manufacturing Catapult have a Digital Roadmapping workshop as an off-the-shelf tool we are able to undertake remotely or face-to-face. (info@drl-tool.org)

SME Funding from the MTC is available under our ‘SME Reach Programme’ where R&D projects can be funded up to 50% up to £30K per project. If you cannot apply for this consider some of your suppliers who may benefit from an increased focus on digital connectivity! (http://www.the-mtc.org/what-we-do/sme...)

Innovate UK is able to support with grants for innovative programmes and business loans.
Smart Grants August 2020 (https://apply-for-innovation-funding....)
Manufacturing Made Smarter (https://apply-for-innovation-funding....)



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