Short Course Recognition Scheme


In response to feedback from the section following the success of the degree accreditation scheme, we are happy to introduce a ‘short course recognition’ scheme for food related non-degree level programmes. 

Benefits of recognition

As with the accreditation of degree programmes, short courses recognised by IFST are benchmarked for their potential to deliver the good quality and relevant food science and technology-related education.

Recognition helps course participants understand the value of the course they are doing or thinking of doing. It also helps providers demonstrate relevance of their course to the food sector and students.

Overview of criteria

Providers will need to demonstrate that their courses meet the criteria set out on the application form, including:

  • Course duration must be more than one day
  • At least 50% course content must be ‘food-related’
  • Students must be assessed
  • Courses must be covered by a QA regime
  • Level 4+ under the UK Qualifications and Credit Framework

Overview of the recognition process

Recognition applies to individual courses and not to an institution.

The process of recognition is a peer-review process and is undertaken by an Accreditation Assessment Panel consisting of two assessors and overseen by a chief assessor. The Panel is composed of experienced assessors drawn from academia and industry who have the knowledge, experience and expertise in the course area and who can rigorously assess and judge the quality of the applications received. Panel members attend a training course before undertaking any assessments.

Applications are normally dealt with within eight weeks of submission but this may be longer depending on the numbers and complexity of the applications received.

Recognition, once agreed, normally lasts for a period of two years unless there has been a major change in course content and/or structure which would require a course to be reassessed. After two years the course is required to re-apply for recognition.

Recognition is normally based on the assessment of submitted evidence in the form of an application form and supporting documentary evidence. However, in any cases of doubt, we reserve the right to make a site visit, if considered necessary.

How to apply for short course recognition

You will need to provide a portfolio of supporting evidence to demonstrate that your course meets the stated requirements.  Your submission should include details of the course structure, entry requirements and course assessment.


Course Accreditation: £910

Annual renewal: £161

Discounts: 20% for 3 or more courses (within a 3 month window)


We recognise that although some of the material submitted in support of an application will be in the public domain, other material is not and as such is confidential. We will treat all applications and accompanying material as confidential and we require the Chief Assessor and the Panel Assessors to maintain the same level of confidentiality and not divulge anything about the applications and material received outside the Accreditation Panel discussions.


Application Form for Short Course Accreditation.docx