Event Proceedings - EU vs non-EU Food Regulation: Mind the Gap

This event was aimed at anyone responsible for the compliance aspects of trading food.  It contrasted the food safety regulatory and testing system in the European Union with those in other regions, underpinning World Trade Organisation rules. Expert advocates highlighted the strengths, weaknesses and specific requirements of two different regulatory approaches. Examples were given of the pitfalls of overlooking regulatory differences when trading internationally, and how these were overcome.


Introduction - Innovation Catalyst 
Ed Cooper, VitalSix

The EU Food Regulatory Framework
Michael Walker, Advisory to UK Government Chemist Programme

Case study  1 - Food Labellng beyond EU Borders 
Sarah Howarth, Howarth Food Safety

Case study 2 - Changes Behaviour 
David Brown, FQC Solutions

Case study 3 - Exporting to the USA
Andy Kerridge, Wyvern Food Solutions

The Codex/WTO-based Food Regulatory Framework
Dominic Watkins, Global Regulatory Compliance & Investigations, DWF LLP