CPD for Registered Science Technician

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It is a piece of cake to do a CPD report

As a Registered Science Technician, you have already taken the important step by committing to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as part of registration.  Before you rush into the journey of professional development, please take a moment to find the right mind set for CPD reporting which includes 5 steps (plan, do, record, reflect and submit). This is not just any record but a key to the successful career planning. Pretty important, isn’t it?

As a Registered Science Technician, from now on you need to think overall learning as a cake which is sliced into 5 pieces.  Each piece represents different ways of learning:

  1. Work-based
  2. Professional
  3. Formal / Educational
  4. Self-directed
  5. Learning outside of your normal employment

Please see questions below as guidance to practical learning activities for Registered Scientist which reflects overall Science Council standards for this registers. It is expected that you maintain continuous, up-to date and accurate records which demonstrate mixture of the different learning activities. It is also requested that you demonstrate how learning has improved quality of your work and benefited user of your work which is called reflective evaluation. Please find also examples of reflection linked to the learning activities below.

Work-based learning

This doesn't mean logging all of your everyday work tasks as CPD. If you look at the questions below and answer 'yes', it is likely that you also learn something new related your skills and weaknesses, new processes, new information or new functions in your company.

Is performance review part of your job?  
Have you visited production sites outside of your expertise area? 
Have you been writing operating standards to include safety and quality information?
Are you participating technical meetings related to HACCP and other quality systems?
Have you done pre-preparation to improve food safety processes?
Have you volunteered to a project which impacts company’s technical functions?

Now you need to only write it down as worked based learning in your CPD and think of the value of this learning rather just leaving it as a job only.

Professional learning

This slice in the cake of learning activities is all action to enhance quality and standards and professionalism personally, internally and externally.  Please have a look of the questions below to find out what this may mean in practice to you.

Have you prepared quality training or quality training materials?
Have you volunteered to couch or mentor against the standards?
Do you interact and network with other professionals in technical, microbiological, food safety roles using different methods?
Have you joined to professional conference in your field?    

Next time you attend something which counts as professional activity please just record it in you CPD and not forgetting the value of it.

Formal / Educational learning

This type of learning is simple as it looks like and includes all the traditional ways of learning like qualification and courses. If you need a further ideas, please have a look at the question you can ask yourself below.

Have you done E-learning courses related to your job?
Have you done class room teaching for example on production cleaning verification?
Have you passed technician training course?

Again all you need to do now is to write it down as you CPD and think of a value and benefits of these actions you have taken.

Self-directed learning

If your CPD report is full of self-directed learning it basically means that you like reading and keeping up to date using all  different sources of information like internet, newsletters, reports, magazines, journals, books.

Did you read that last food quality update?
Do you tend to read professional magazine during your lunch break?
Do you read Food Science and Technology related blogs and social media posts?
Have you got through of all of those manuals?

Additionally reviewing (reflecting) value and benefits of your CPD-writing counts as a self-directed learning activity.

Learning gained outside of your normal employment

This learning activity can be wide range of this outside of your normal scope but involving skills and knowledge which can be transferable to your own sector. Please click here (link to general) to find out more.

These are the 5 slices in the cake which represents your overall learning. Most of it you are already doing now but it starts to make a difference only when it is written down and theory is reflected to practise. Please find more on reflection here.