CPD for Registered Scientist

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Finding the right mind set for CPD reporting

As a Registered Scientist you already know that science is evolving rapidly, as is the workplace and there is always something new to learn.  IFST and Science Council model divides CPD to 5 sections (plan, do, record, reflect and submit, link to 5 steps) which are demonstrated in 5 different ways of learning:

  1. Work-based
  2. Professional
  3. Formal / Educational
  4. Self-directed
  5. Learning outside of your normal employment.

If you are keen to progress in your career and you are also aiming to upgrade to Chartered Scientist in the future it is important to understand CPD concept and do it correctly from the beginning.

Please see questions below as guidance to practical learning activities for Registered Scientist which reflects overall Science Council standards for this registers. It is expected that you maintain continuous, up-to date and accurate records which demonstrate mixture of the different learning activities. It is also requested that you demonstrate how learning has improved quality of your work and benefited user of your work which is called reflective evaluation. Please find also examples of reflection linked to the learning activities below.

If you've answered 'yes' to some of the questions below please remember to log it as your CPD report and review learning activities to find out the benefits and value for you as Registered Scientist, for your company and professional contacts and a wider society.

Work-based learning

Have you prepared and analysed data which is used to brief senior management, external clients, regulators or policy makers?
Have you developed, implemented and monitored processes which complies with regulations and standards?

Professional learning

Are you secretariat or member of internal committee specialising to food safety or other relevant topic?
Do you prepare, update and deliver internal training?
Are you overseeing training for juniors? 
Have you helped to organise a professional conference?
Have you done pre-preparation for a presentation?
Do you follow technical forums and use this information to improve quality?

Formal/ Educational learning

Have you participated in training and/or delivered training related to food safety, processing or manufacturing, sensory, nutrition or microbiology to name few?
Have you written food science and technology related materials?
Have you joined in a scientific conference, seminar and other professional events?

Self-directed learning

Please find general examples here

Learning gained outside of your normal employment

Please find general examples here

Find out more about reflection.