How to apply for Registered Sensory Scientist

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You will be expected to provide a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate that you have gained sufficient experience and shown the necessary competences to be awarded the designation Registered Sensory Scientist (RSensSci). Your portfolio should include your:

General application form

Please return this form only if you are not already member of IFST.

RSensSci application form

You will also be able to use the RSensSci to apply for full Membership of IFST and for Chartered Scientists (if you do not already hold these designations).

References will be required from two senior persons who are familiar with your work.  We will send a copy of your CV and technical report to your referees for corroboration.

Your CV needs to be extended and should include professional as well as vocational development. It should include any relevant qualifications gained commencing with the first degree.

Please attach copies of your certificate(s) for all qualifications at level 6 and above listed in your CV.

Technical Report

Your Technical Report should concentrate on the last two years unless you thinkthat earlier linked career development is relevant. This should demonstrate you have achieved the RSensSci Competencies. Approximately 500 words are suggested as a guide to length.


For the current membership and registration fees please visit here. Please note that membership is compulsory for anyone joining a professional register.

How will my application be assessed?

Your application will be assessed by our Membership Assessment Panel (MAP). The Panel includes experienced food sensory professionals who will be looking for you to draw on your direct experience to provide clear evidence that you have required the food sensory knowledge and skills not only to do your job, but that you are able to go beyond the basic requirements and use your initiative and experience to find solutions and make improvements.

The Panel will not normally interview applicants, but if necessary a member of the Panel may telephone you to seek clarification or further explanation on a specific aspect of your application.

Where to send your portfolio

By email: Membership team

By post:

Institute of Food Science & Technology 
5 Cambridge Court 
210 Shepherds Bush Road 
London W6 7NJ

Further information

Should you have any questions or need assistance in completing your application, contact us.

Good luck and we look forward to receiving your application!

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