Register of Professional Food Auditors and Mentors

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This scheme has been developed to meet the needs of food companies and auditing organisations to improve food quality and safety by assuring the calibre of professionals offering auditing and mentoring services.

About the Scheme

In assuring the supply of safe, wholesome, nutritious, tasty and attractive food through the application of food science and technology, IFST has long recognised the need for standards within the food and drink industry and is committed to the maintenance and continual updating of skills and experience through continuing professional development.

To meet the needs of the food industry for an independent measure of the skills, experience, and knowledge of professionals offering audit and consultancy services to food companies IFST has developed a Register of Professional Food Auditors and Mentors. 

The Register is managed by a panel of qualified and experienced IFST members who evaluate applicants' skills and experience based on information provided. IFST certificates are awarded to successful candidates and an annual re-certification is required based on continuing professional development.  Apply here.


How does the IFST Register Work?

Candidates supply information to demonstrate that they meet the skills and competency requirements for Auditors and/or Mentors against a specific Field of Operation (See below). The IFST Register Assessment Panel reviews the information and provides certificates and a listing on the Register to successful candidates.

Annual renewal including submitting CPD-report and Audit log for the assessment is part of the  Register of Professional Food Auditor and Mentor scheme. More about renewal here.

Fields of Operation

1. Primary Agriculture - growing and harvesting

1.1 Animal Production
1.2 Fish production and Fishing
1.3 Grain crops
1.4 Vegetables
1.5 Fruit

2. Food Processing and Packing*

2.1 Raw Meat & Fish
2.1.1 Red Meat, Slaughter & cutting
2.1.2 Poultry Meat, Slaughter & cutting
2.1.3 Fish, Chilled and frozen
2.1.4 Raw meat products and preparations
2.1.5 Raw fish products and preparations
2.2 Produce (Fruit & Vegetables)
2.2.1 Fresh & frozen
2.3 Dairy
2.3.1 Chilled and frozen
2.3.2 Egg
2.4 Ready to eat or heat (chilled & frozen), including cooked meat/cooked fish products
2.5 Ambient stable, heat preserved, hermetically sealed packs
2.6 Ambient Stable Foods (Other)
2.6.1 Beverages  Beverages- Beer and cider   Beverages - Wine and spirits  Beverages - Non-alcholic
2.6.2 Bakery products - ambient
2.6.3 Dried foods
2.6.4 Confectionery
2.6.5 Snacks and breakfast cereals
2.6.6 Oils & fats
2.6.7 Food ingredients

* = Based on the BRC Food Technical Standard Fields of Evaluation


For the current membership and registration fees please visit here. Please note that membership is compulsory for anyone joining a professional register.