Science and Technology Solutions for Supply Chain Waste Reduction

IFST framework theme

Circular economy and sustainable manufacturing


Support and promote industry efforts to increaseresource efficiancy through reducing waste in food industry

Further information

  • A circular food economy is one in which nutrients are recycled, by-products are fully utilised, waste is reduced, water use managed, and consumer diets move toward more diverse and more efficient food patterns
  • Achieving a circular economy would contribute significantly to addressing resource constraints and reducing the impact of production and consumption
  • While the most significant source of waste in the EU occurs at household level, the supply chain from production to retail still sees a loss of nearly 200kg/year/capita
  • New technologies will offer opportunities to better monitor and control supply chain conditions and stimulate actions to mitigate or valourise waste
  • There are many organisations working in this area: IFST want to support and promote industry efforts to increase resource efficiency through reducing energy, waste and water in the food industry

Current activities

Project Aprov (Augmented Procurement Visibility) 

Project aims

  • Project APROV is a pilot study aimed at developing the capability of food supply chains to respond in advance to the risks of food loss associated with disruptions to food distribution processes
  • The study will seek to enhance food security and supply chain resilience by specifying highly responsive procurement systems enabled by cutting-edge technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things), Big Data platforms and Blockchain applications that provide food sector stakeholders with timely and reliable access to information on food provenance and safety across the value chain

Project team

  • Luciano Batista – Ashton University
  • Tom Kirkham – Science and Technology Facilities Centre (STFC)
  • Ram Ramanathan – University of Bedfordshire
  • Brian Mathews – STFC
  • Wantao Yu – University of Roehampton
  • John Bassett – IFST
  • Pascale Martin – Agronomex Ltd
  • Ximena Schmidt – University of Manchester

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