• Watch the Jubilee Lecture

    Mark Price CVO, Managing Director of Waitrose, delivered this year's Jubilee Lecture. Watch now.

  • Register of Food Safety Professionals

    IFST's new accreditation scheme will provide recognition to professionals working within food safety. Now accepting applications for all levels.

  • Jubilee appeal - FoodStart

    Our Jubilee project will help the next generation of young food professionals take their first steps in a career in food

  • IFST 50th Jubilee

    Celebrating 50 years of IFST, 1964-2014. Join us for a year of special events and activities to mark this milestone in our history.

As a charity, public benefit lies at the heart of our philosophy. Through the application of sound science, maintaining high standards of professionalism amongst our members, and providing reliable information about food science and technology, we aim to benefit the public.

Our Information Statements outline the latest and conclusive scientific developments, as well as regulation and other relevant information, surrounding matters of topical importance within food science and technology.

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